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My Journey


British born Martin Valins was hooked by the sound of The Beatles as a teenager growing up in London UK during the 1960's. Playing London's college halls and coffee bars with Andy Staines during the 1970's he quickly built a reputation for strong melodic songs with delicate harmonies but a record deal was always elusive.

Like the founding members of Pink Floyd he studied architecture at London's Polytechnic and then disappeared from the music scene.


Relocating to the USA Martin returned to writing and recording new music in 2015. Martin's journey has led him to create a diverse musical landscape encompassing alternative folk and eastern influences.


Martin was also a founding member of rock band Salisbury and took part in their triumphant reunion gigs and recordings in 2017-20


Martin has released ten studio albums and one live album which include collaborations with Italian singer songwriter Monica Bergo


Their new single Something To Say is now available to stream and download across all major music platforms !


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