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My Journey


It seems that my journey in music has been more like a circle, as I find myself almost back to where I began as a performing musician.


My musical journey began at school - growing up in London England during Beatlemania.  My friends Richard Knowles and Ziggy Barton and I formed a band called Salisbury,  Later I branched out and formed a folk duo with Andy Staines. We played college halls and clubs around London.


But there the journey seemed to have stopped. I took another path and studied architecture  I did not play or write any music for over 40 years.


Then without explanation or any rational thought I returned to playing and writing music once again in 2015. I have since recorded six albums plus one live album and have built an audience that I am thankful for every day. 


To complete the circle Salisbury reformed in 2017 and you can hear our new songs on the Salisbury page. 


I hope you will join me as my journey continues.