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What Goes On The New Album

What Goes On Reviewed





It’s been seven years since Martin Valins' first solo album the subtle delight of 2015’s Floating. Since then he released one more solo album In From The Outside and a later live album Live + Acoustic. Starting with 2016’s Arcadia he began to collaborate with Italian singer songwriter Monica Bergo. Together they have produced five more albums including last years A Songwriter’s Tale - their most successful to-date. 


The style of their songs has evolved over time taking us on lush journeys to Laurel Canyon the Indian sub continent the rustic hills of Italy with melodic references to McCartney. 


While the production on What Goes On is tighter and more robust, the melodies and harmonies still sit as gently within the landscape they create as they did on their first adventures in sound.


What Goes On - 11 songs that are deceptively simple yet when listened to as a whole, this is a deep and very moving album. London Sounds Sept 2022

Check out the new Martin Valins album "What Goes On" Wonderful, melodic, ethereal music.  Mick Overmere Recording Artist